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Sons of Any Key - Masterclass Handbook & Backing Tracks

Find out how to use the diatonic system to play in any key and for any genre!

The handbook from our awesome Sons of Any Key clinic is now available to everyone, created and written by Paul Glover. If you're looking for an insight into how diatonic chord progressions can help you to play and compose for any genre then this clinic was the place to be!

This handbook follows everything delivered in the 2 hour clinic and will help you with the following:

Understanding the diatonic system
Simple ways to understand pentatonic scales (major and minor) in all positions.
How to alter the diatonic system to write chord progressions indicative of certain genres

This product will be sent to you via and email link to a drop box folder where you will be able to download the handbook in PDF format, and also folders containing all backing tracks.


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